Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Khador Caster Challenge: January, Zerkova.

After a Christmas break where I was pretty busy painting, What motivation I had to get on with my self inflicted Khador Caster Challenge went by the wayside after completing MacBeth. However, I forced through it, and with a couple of false starts, this evening I put the finishing touches to the first of my 'casters for the year of 2015.

With that, I present to you, Koldun Commander Aleksandra Zerkova.

The picture quality is down due to the batteries running out on my camera, so these are taken with my phone, hence the strange stripy effect in the background.

Her wand and sword have also had a coat of luminescent paint, as I did with the Old Witch. Again, there is no way this will ever be seen in regular play, but I know it's there.

I'm happy with some parts of the mini, but I feel I rushed things a little at the end, so her boots and hat are a little scrappy, but I am very happy with her face and cloak. My technique is on the up, if not all the way there yet. The glowing effect on her sword need a lot of work though, I think I need more contrast in the shadows to bring out the lighter parts. Maybe with a touch of white here and there to really make it pop. I tried to use the same ink effects as on the wand, but it is a completely different surface, so requires some modification to the mix.

I'll maybe make those little adjustments whilst working on another caster next month. I think Irusk has made his way to the front of the queue, as he's quite a simple miniature really. Poor Sorscha keeps getting bumped down the list, despite being my first.

Casters Painted: 2
The Old Witch and ScrapJack

Casters to Paint: 9
pButcher (to be based)
pVlad (variant)

This brings me one step closer to allowing myself to by The Butcher Unleashed.


  1. Another great miniature, the work on the sword looks particularly good.

    1. You are too kind Michael, I think the sword needs a little work. :)