Thursday, January 8, 2015

TOR Gaming: Mystery Relics Box Giveaway

There are a couple of gamers in the Oldies group I play with that are heavily into Relics by TOR gaming. I have been resisting, basically because I don't want to spread myself even thinner with games I don't have time to play, however, I am tempted.

There is one way I could be tempted to get into the game, and that is by winning a box with 150 pounds (sterling) worth of minis and rules for the game. And who wouldn't. So go along here and enter the prize draw. Or don't, you know, as the fewer people who enter, the better chance I have to win! You need to log on to the page that is linked above to see the entry details. It took me a little time to figure that out, but then, I'm sure my discerning readership is quicker on the uptake than myself.

Even if you don't win, you could always go and download the rules for free and see if something you'd like to get into!

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