Sunday, June 5, 2016

Frostgrave Skeletons

Other than the small warband required for Frostgrave, most players need to find a range of creatures that are either part of a scenario, or just wander into the battlefield from time to time.

Many players have lots of random creatures from their time playing D&D, however, in all my years as a gamer, I have never really partaken of that particular game, so I do not have a bunch of random skeletons and ghouls kicking around the gaming cupboard.

Enter Reaper bones. I picked up a packet of plastic skeletons, based them on pennies for weight, and drybrushed them to get these quick and dirty table-ready skeletons.

Armoured version and Lich Lord to follow (those are all metal Northstar minis, so not so quick and dirty with them!).


  1. Really nice! Beautiful shields...

    1. Thanks Phil, they look good from a distance, but I had to try something there to fill in the otherwise very blank shields!

  2. Well they certainly do the job, splendid.