Monday, June 13, 2016

WIP Modelling Commission IV

Ok, the Snow Golem is now completed in terms of the main body, head and face, with only the hair and arms to go, however, he has been paused at this stage, as how these parts progress will depend on whether or not the miniature will stay as a green, for me to paint and use as an unique commissioned piece, or whether he will be cast in metal, so that multiple copies of him can be made.


If he is to be cast, then the arms and hair will have to be made thicker. Then a decision has to be made one way or the other, if he is to be cast, then how many copies are to be made.
This is an ongoing discussion, and if it is possible to cast, I'll be sure to post here to see if anyone wants one!

Either way, I am super happy with what Le Zonion has done!


  1. Well if you do cast it count me in for one - I have loved watching this come to like and would happily add one to my collection!

    1. Great Michael, watch this space then. Once I have news on the viability, I can get back to people with a dollar amount that would be required!

  2. Arrgghhh now that 'I wanna build a snowman' song is in my head and won't go away! ^_^ Nice WIP shots!