Sunday, June 5, 2016

More for the Frostgrave Warband

The Frostgrave campaign at my FLGS is in ful swing. We're heading on to scenario 6. I'm also almost fully painted too.

Yesterday evening I completed this second Treasure Hunter and Rangifer, leaving me just my Captain and Ranger to finish.

The Treasure Hunter is a reaper fig, and the Rangifer is from the official Frostgrave line by North Star,

There is a second Rangifer who is almost complete too, but I need to finish the ribbons round his antlers, and I only have one in my Warband, so he'll wait till I finish my Captain before being done.

Then we'll get a pic of the whole warband (with the new addition previewed here) at completion. Hopefully before the end of the campaign!


  1. Superb! Not heard of a Rangifer before, but what a great character piece.

    1. They're a race of Reindeer men, introduced in the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign book for Frostgrave, and yes, they are very different aren't they! :)