Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cleaning out the Closet, Part II

My challenge to myself this winter is to clean up the huge backlog of minis I have to paint, finish painting or base properly. To this end I created the Cleaning out the Closet Challenge.

I quickly boshed together a logo for this too that you can see above, so if anyone wants to join in with this challenge, you are more than welcome. I find that one of the best things about the painting/gaming community is how these challenges to ourselves and others can act as inspiration to get things finished.

After quite a productive week of this challenge, the list is currently as follows:

Frostgrave Ranger: Complete.

Dystopian Legions French Legionnaires: HMG complete and will be posted soon, with the Legionnaires to follow.

Urban War Triad Retainers: Complete.

Urban War Viridian Special Forces and Sniper: Complete.

Urban War Triad Boss and Kabuki Doll: To be continued...

Urban War Sumotori: Not yet at the front of the queue.

Urban War Viridian HMG: I stuck some paint on this guy, but he is not yet complete.

Menoth Army: Ok, as this one approaches, I really will have to break it down into some component parts. That will be a post unto itself.

As winter moves on, I'll be sure to need to add to this list. I don't need to go deep into my closet to find things that are half painted and looking for some love. So, to continue the list and keep things rolling:

Effincool Halflings.

I backed the Effincool Kickstarter for Classic Oldhammer Halflings. They arrived quite quickly after the Kickstarter was funded, and I started painting them straight away, then I got sidetracked. I have since then backed the Midlam Miniatures Kickstarter for Halfling Wizards and Apprentices, so I suppose I'd better get one batch finished before starting another. This lot carries into the next...

Reaper Halfling Rangers

When I got the above Halflings in the post, I picked up a couple of Reaper ranger/thief type Halflings to go with them. Added to the Wizards mentioned above, it doesn't take a genius to see this all goes together to make a nice Warband for Frostgrave, or the startings of a Dragon Rampant army.


  1. This is a great idea Derek and I wish you the best of luck with it.

    1. Thanks Michael, it remains to be seen if I can keep up the pace of last week!