Friday, November 25, 2016

Urban War Triad Kabuki Doll

It may not seem like it from my entries, but I have been painting. Not quite with the gusto of the first week of this challenge,  but the nice thing is I didn't give myself a time limit, apart from 'this winter'.

I have a couple of posts ready to go, and this is the first of them. My Urban War Triad Kabuki Doll.

I'm pretty sure I've tried to finish painting her on three separate occasions over the 10-12 years she's been in my collection, but she's finally there. I think I might want to go back at some point and do something more interesting with the mask, but then the plain white look is kinda creepy too, so maybe not!

I am pretty happy with the hair. Painting black hair is something I am not good at, but this one looks okay from a distance!

She of course can be used in any upcoming Scifi games, and he base reflects this, but she could also be used in other time periods and eras due to the lack of hi-tech weaponry she carries. She would fit rather well into an Asian force for In Her Majesty's Name too.