Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rogue Stars Nickstarter now online

The eagerly awaited Rogue Stars took one step closer to being in the hands of gamers yesterday with the launch of the North Star Games Nickstarter for the book and miniature line. For those of you who have not yet been involved in a Nickstarter, this is not a crowdsourcing event, but a pre-order system, with a 10% discount for those that sign up before November the 8th.

As a means of getting hold of the wonderful Mark Copplestone minis for this game at a discount rate, this is well worth it. Not so much for the human characters, but for the aliens and robots, which I think look really good. I'm also looking forward to painting some outlandish skin-tones on some of those alien models for fun!

Any local players who want to get in on this with me to save shipping, let me know!


  1. These minis really do look fantastic. Looking forward to you putting some paint on them.

    1. They do, yes. I'm not sure if funds will allow me to buy into the Nickstarter for the minis though, maybe just get the book this time.