Saturday, December 24, 2016

Early Presents to Myself

Got this package from Amazon earlier in the week. This is my planned gaming for the next few months.

To help me along with this scheme, I started an Osprey Wargames Montreal Group on Facebook, to try to build a local community of like minded gamers. So far it seems to be a success. We already have a growing Frostgrave group who are looking for a new campaign in the New Year, and there is much interest in Rogue Stars. I've also managed to find people interested in Black-Ops, Dragon Rampant and In Her Majesty's Name too.

The whole ethos of playing games with minis I already have appeals not only to my poor stretched wallet, but also allows me to play with so many of the beautiful minis I have that just don't get put down on the gaming table enough, if at all.

Of the three books here, I think finding an opponent for Chosen Men will be the hardest, as the historical gamers are few and far between from what I've seen. Still, I've had one nibble...