Friday, December 23, 2016

Somewhere in Time

So my last post was a sneak peak, or hint as to what was coming next. Finally, after a break form the painting table, I finally got round to actually painting him.

Who's him you ask, well, Eddie of course!

This miniature was originally supposed to be part of the Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter, but he didn't really fit in with the rest, so was sold as a pre-Kickstarter fundraiser. What a novel concept!

I didn't buy into the Kickstarter, as Chaos was never really my thing. But I couldn't pass up on this guy. Eddie and Iron maiden to me just remind me of a time back in the UK when I was playing GW games. So even if he is not really an Oldhammer mini, British Metal is so intertwined with so many themes that are Oldhammer, that he gets an honourary acceptance into the genre.

Now, where to use him. Maybe in my upcoming Frostgrave Chronomancer warband, as Time is on his side. Or Maybe as a cyborg for Rogue stars, or a serial Killer for CS1.

Of course, this is but one incarnation of Eddie. If I were to ask that another was made, well, then Eddie from the cover of the single 'The Trooper' has to be a shoe in (although I did find this conversion someone has done so I am clearly not alone).