Thursday, March 15, 2012

95th Rifles Tutorial

 As an additional post, mostly for me, as I currently have my paint scheme jotted down on a scrap of paper, that is sure to disappear the next time I'm looking for it. Here is a tutorial on how these guys are put together.

My first dilemma was how to base them. Most larger scale games require riflemen to be paired up at least. I was looking to be able to skirmish with them in battles of less than 10 men per side, at least to start, but I wanted the option of putting them together on a larger base in the future if need be. This is more so the case the for French Infantry I got to fight against them.
 I solved this by getting the smallest bases I could get my hands on for a reasonable fee. 1c each to be precise, as they are based on pennies. On top of this, I have a mix of sand and Polyfilla. Simple, cheap, and I think very effective.

 Next, the paint scheme. I undercoated in grey, as I didn't want to go to black, in case it was too hard to see the dark green on top. Next, I do my base colours, let them dry, give a lavish coating of inks, then highlight to taste.

Colour choice as follows:

Jackets and trousers (and Shako Plumes#Braiding):
Basecoat - Gnarls Green (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight 1 - Gnarls Green (P3)
Highlight 2 - Iosan Green (P3)

Collars and cuffs:
Basecoat - Thamar Black (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight 1 - Thamar Black (P3)
Highlight 2 - Pure White (MSP)

Shako, Packs, Cartridge box:
Basecoat - Thamar Black (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight - Coal Black (P3)

Badges & Buttons:
Brass Balls (P3) and Mithril Silver (GW)
Backpack badge - Gnarls Green (P3)
Backpack writing - 

Basecoat - Thrall flesh (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight 1 - Thrall Flesh (P3)
Highlight 2 - Bleached Bone (GW) 

Basecoat 1 - Idrian Flesh (P3)
Basecoat 2 - Midlund Flesh (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight 1 - Midlund Flesh (P3)
Highlight 2 - Ryn Flesh (P3) 

Basecoat - Greatcoat Grey
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight 1 - Greatcoat Grey
Highlight 2 - 

Basecoat - Idrian Flesh (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Gun barrels painted in Thamar Black (P3) then Boltgun Metal (GW)
Bayonets and swords as for gun barrels, with Brass Balls (P3) for handles.

Basecoat - Enchanted Blue (GW)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight - Underbelly Blue (P3)

Powder horn:
Basecoat - Hammerfall Khaki (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight - Bleached Bone (GW)
Ends with Brass Balls (P3)

Basecoat - Skorne Red (P3)
Ink - Devlan Mud (GW)
Highlight 1 - Skorne Red (P3)
Highlight 2 - Blood Red (GW)

Basecoat - Ubral Umber (P3)
Highlight 1 - Rucksack Tan (GW)

Highlight 2 - Bleached Bone (GW)
Grass tufts - Wilderness Tufts (The Army Painter, Battlefields)

I cannot have 2 miniatures that look the same in any force I run, so there will be some variation from the above paint guide, notably in the trousers and bedrolls, as these are the easiest to change whilst keeping the uniform look of the unit.I recently read an article that suggested painting eyes on this scale of mini, for anything but hero models, was uneccesary, as if you were to look at a human at the same scale/distance, you would never see the whites of their eyes. This is a theory I can get fully on board with.



  1. Perfect figures for skirmishing and individual basing, I like the idea of using the blog as a painting memory site, good work sir....

  2. Thatnk you! And thanks for the first comment to the blog! Here's to many more. ;)