Thursday, March 15, 2012

Napoleon WIP

As part of my recent painting stint, I chose a bunch of Napoleonic minis I had kicking around in the old pile of metal for quite some time. I've mostly been doing my riflemen for use in a skirmishing game, but to give me a break from the green, I picked up a little vignette of Napoleon. This mini was released as part of the Wargames Illustrated 'Moments in History' vingettes, but my FLGS had one of each in stock. I figured this one was one that fitted an era I was likely to play, and even if I never used him in a big battle as a commander, I could always use him as an objective marker in a smaller game.

Furthermore, as it's the 200th anniversary of the battle of Borodino, a painting by Vasily Vershchagin's of which the little big man's pose is taken from (see above). I figured it was a timely mini to paint. As always, click for bigger pictures.

Napoleon at rest

To be finally based with his faithful Mamluk bodyguard, Roustam Raza, his foot to rest on the drum.

Roustam Raza, it'll be fun to paint all that filligree.

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