Thursday, March 29, 2012

Devil Dogs Talon

When Warmachine came out at first, I got into Khador. Then Superiority came along, with a fine selection of Mercs that wouldn't play for my favoured Faction. Fortunately, they would play together, and my Highborn Covenant army, with Ashlynn at the stern,was born.

Since way back then, I've had an urge to get and paint up Sam MacHorne and her crew, but I didn't pick them up till a couple of years ago. I love that every one of the sculpts in the box set is different, and there are some real characters in there. However, they were expensive points wise in MKI, so didn't see the table much.

In MKI they ran well with a Talon marshaled to them. His disabling of jacks made the opposition easy targets for the nets and special abilities of the rest of the crew. I already have a Talon painted up for my Highborn list, in the deep purple scheme, and I wanted my Devil Dogs to fit in with this scheme, whilst still retaining their cohesiveness as a unit, especially for their marshaled jack. So, we have the white, purple and bronze highlights showing through on the shoulder pads and trimmings, with a khaki main colour to keep the unit together. This guy is finished now, but for one thing. I want to really tie him to the unit by painting their insignia on his shell. My free hand is not up to the job, so I'll be finding a way to cheat.

The Talon shown with a couple of his comrades in arms, to show the unit colour scheme.

This is the Devil Dogs Insignia, as shown in the PP Mercenaries book. I may have to shrink this down, print it out, and copy it somehow onto the jack. Below is a WIP of Sam MacHorne, showing the same insignia on the back of her jacket.

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