Monday, February 4, 2013

Colore ton Monde: Fevrier He shots, and scoooooooores !

January's completed models are up on the Club Chaos site here. I failed to enter this month, as I had my paint on for Dystopian Legions, and didn't want to break the run by finding another model to paint for the challenge. So congratulations to Wulfbein for winning the draw this quarter.

On to February's Challenge:

He shots, and scoooooooores !

Le hockey étant de retour, il est grand temps d'attacher vos patins et de pratiquer votre lancer.

Pour le mois de février, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle avec une arme de tir.
Or, for those who prefer it in English

He shots, and scoooooooores !

Hockey is back, it's time to tie on your skates and practice your shot.

For the month of February, we invite you to paint a model with a ranged weapon.
Easy peasy. I'm just about to start my second section of Riflemen, and I already have the colour scheme fixed. No problemo!


  1. I finally tried DL this weekend at Templecon, and it was a blast. The concept of the event, combined with the great tables, surely have something a say in it, but still, the game was fun and ran smoothly.

    The game was a big mega battle on two tables between the four first factions. One table was DW with a island in the middle, which represented the other table, where DL was played. People on the DW table could bombard sectors on the island, which ended in bombardments on the DL's one, and drop troop reinforcements too. Great idea, that we will probably try to replicate.

    I just need to stop my choice on a faction now... :)

    1. Great idea to have the two games interacting. They go well together, and could make a great campaign, with large battles and small scale skirmishes.

      It seems there are more and more people are looking at it.

      My second section of Riflemen will be what I paint up fior this month's colore ton monde, I started them last night!