Friday, February 1, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: Basset Tankettes II

More WIPs of the Basset Tankettes (previous post here). Almost there. Just a bit of detailing and weathering to do. The wheels for the tread need something done to them, they're still far too bright an factory new to look good. There's also some detailing I did one one of the two that needs repeated on the other, now that the original numbering I painted on has been hidden by the tracks.
I was wondering before whether or not I would be using the bases that came with these guys, as they're not all that necessary for the game. However, after I glued the tracks on, it became clear the bases were a must, as the back of the tread rises up from the table, meaning the centre of gravity of these guys is a little too far forward for them not to be based. I don't mind, the larger base size will (hopefully) allow me to go a bit more scenic.

One thing I am rather liking is the way the old Citadel Colour Flesh Wash I have looks great as rust. I have some Secret Weapon weathering powder rust colour to add too, although I will have to use is sparingly, not to over do it on these small minis. I think I'll have to go get some mud coloured powders to go on the tracks.

Once I start on the bases, that will give me a great opportunity to try out the little bricks I bought (also Secret Weapon, these guys are really going for it with their great releases)

In further news, the second section of Riflemen is based and primed. I went with a grey primer, as these guys will be following a different painting scheme from the first unit. I'll be going back to a scheme I wrote out for my 95th Rifles. That post is, coincidentally, the post with the most hits by a long margin for this blog. I guess there's a lot of gamers out there painting the 95th!

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