Monday, February 3, 2014

Colore ton Monde: February

January's challenge results are up on the Club Chaos site here, along with Februaury's challenge.

Like it says, there was a wealth and diversity of entries this month. I guess it's all the resolutions made in the new year (although there were a couple of entries that doubled as entries in the Painting Elf Exchange.

Anyway, on with this month's challenge:

À deux, c'est bien mieux !

Février est le mois de la Saint-Valentin, des rapprochements et de l'amour. Mais il n'y a pas que l'amour qui est mieux à deux; la guerre aussi. Un supérieur, un frère d'arme, un némesis: ça prend de tout pour faire un monde. Pour février, nous vous invitons à peindre un duo, que ce soit deux modèles sur une même thématique, deux modèles sur une même base, un diorama, ou toute autre idée saugrenue que vous pourrez nous pondre.

It's always better with two!

February is the month of St Valentine, reconciliation and love. But it's not only love that is better with two; war too. A superior, a brother in arms, a nemesis: it takes all sorts to make the world. For Frebruary, we invire you to paint a duo, that is, two models on the same theme, two models on the same base, a diorama, or any other crazy idea that fits the bill.

I must admit, I had originally though to finish mu Armstrong gun (with 2 crew), but since the crewmen have been painted for a while, and I only need to finish the gun, I thought that would be a bit of a cheat. Then I thought a cavalry mini (the usual dig about a cavalryman and his horse), but I don't have any of those in the painting queue.

The Brother-in-arms motif really hits a nerve, and if I had this mini from Empress Miniatures, it would have it painted in a shot, but I don't, and I doubt it'd arrive in time, with February being the short month. So it,s off to the mine the lead mountain to see what I can rustle up, though I must say, I like the theme this month, so I'm sure to have plenty of options!

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