Friday, February 28, 2014

Necromunda Miniatures: House Escher

It was easy for me to decide to bring back my Necromunda minis, as I have been looking to play this game since it came out, and even though me and my mates all bought a gang box set, we never got round to playing it. With only 20 minis to collect, and having already bought 14 of them back when they were freely available, this seems that I should be able to satisfy my inner completionist, whilst maybe even adding the other couple of Necromunda minis that take my fancy. Full listing of minis can be found here.

Whilst I never played Necromunda, I loved the House Escher sculpts, and the one with two swords that I have painted was used as a mini for my SLA Industries character. I took a lot of time to paint my minis back then, as can be seen by the fact that I did all the eyes (something I don't bother about now) and I an still happy with the way these turned out, even though I may not paint the rest of them with the same patience, or even the same techniques. One thing I have improved upon immensely is my basing. With these I didn't even bother to fill in the slot, I swamped the base in Goblin Green paint, then dunked them in some flock.


There are some chips in the paintwork, even on the varnished minis. This is what comes of spending the last 15 years living in a box. Some of the damage on the juves came from my suitcase. It'll be easy to patch them up and get on with the rest of them.

Pics after the cut.


The rest
All those based here came over from the UK. The two unbased I picked up here at a bits sale.

Group shot

I also have another mini, that when I bought it, I didn't know it was for Necromunda when I picked it up. It was just a cool SF mini. A Jakara Spryer. I have never played Necromunda, so I don't know if she can indeed be fielded with House Escher, but hey, it's a nice mini.

This leaves me with the following minis to find:

It may be a stretch to get them on ebay Canada, as it is much less used than ebay UK, but it'll be fun trying. Maybe I'll have to start with the local gamers.

To solve the basing issue, I have invested in these bad boys. That should round this gang off nicely, making them a little more dystopian than some green grass.


  1. Nice work. Easily the best Necro sculpts. Good luck finishing the collection!

    1. Thanks Paul, and yes, they are amongst my favourite minis even now. I do hope to finish the collection, and even more importantly play a game with them!