Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kingdom of Britannia: Light Dragoons

After three sessions building them, my Light Dragoons are finally done. These guys were a bitch to put together. I kind of assumed all the arms were the same, an would fit any of the three bodies, they are not. I tried to pin the arms, but they are too thin for me to pin (I hear on the forums others have managed), so instead they are held on with green-stuff and copious amounts of super-glue. Also, dry-fitting the legs with the bodies and the main part of the walker is far from easy.

Still, the first section is built and ready for painting (although they will see the table before they are fully painted, that's quite certain).

I think I'll add some pennants to the back of these guys, so I can distinguish between my Sections. That should fit with the Dragoon idea.

You can see my original review of this unit here. I would like to add to add to that review that assembly of these models is not for the feint of heart, and an indication of which arms go with which body would be appreciated (numerals on the sprues would be more than adequate).

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