Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crane Courtier

A Crane Clan Courtier from a Legends of the 5 Rings range, possibly by Reaper. An old mini, but I have a passion for L5R, and although I have never played the card game, nor the minis game. Nor do I use minis for RPGs in general, I couldn't pass on this mini. A lot of the ranges that came out for L5R over the years have been rather lacking, but this one is simple, and yet with nice clean lines and sharp features. I notice that with my new camera, I'm able to pick up on flaws in my painting that I can't make out with the naked eye. Maybe I should get one of those magnifying light up goggles thingies.
Yes, the base is to be finished. Maybe some floorboards, as a courtier like this shouldn't be walking around in the mud.

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