Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hawk of the Flame

Here are some old pics of a conversion I was rather happy with. I took a Daughter of the Flame body, a sculpt I was always happy with, and added Hawks arms. The Hawk mini always left me a little cold. She was this kick ass swords-mistress, and yet her guard always seemed off. I think sticking her arms on this body works well to fix this.

The conversion isn't so much a conversion as an arm swap. but I think it works.

She's painted up to fit in with my Amon Idrian list. Not that I felt Hawk would ever fit in this list, but that was the only Menoth I had when I decided to make this conversion. I don't think she's ever seen the table.

I was never convinced by the MKI rules for the daughters. I hear MKII did them proud, but I haven't yet got round to trying them out. With the new Caster, solo, and even a character jack, I'd love to run a Daughters list. Maybe, this version of Hawk would even see the table in that army. Then again, maybe not.

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