Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ogrun Bokur WIP

A WIP from my Highborn Covenant Mercenary army. An Ogrun Bokur to accompany Ahslynn's Army in the ousting of the Khadoran occupiers from her homeland. With the help of Menoth who just happen to be there on their Northern Crusade. This large gent is not the Bokur as sold for WM, but the Ogrun adventurer from the Iron Kingdoms range. The simplest conversions I feel are the best. In this case, I snipped off the gun that came with him, to make space for the Khador MoW Kovnik shield he as picked up from a fallen foe. A menoth Exemplar shoulder pad adds a little more armour to his weapon arm. Both items he'd find close by, according to the fluff. He's armoured in the Purple and White in other places to tie him in with the theme of my Highborn Army. I like the design of the original armour on this mini. It almost has a bamboo/oriental feel to it in places. I was almost sad to cover it up on the arm plate, but I feel I have improved upon the original, at least as far as using him in WM is concerned.

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