Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Painting Everblight 2

Two minis to show off here. My first painted Legion model was also my first Legion 'Lock. Lylyth. The mini is simple and yet does everything it needs to. It's not as spindly as the Nyss models that followed, and as befits a warlock, has presence on the table. I'm rather proud of this one, especially the mud on the back of the cape, and the use of the white and blue feathers on the cloak to draw the eye to an otherwise drab coloured mini. The skin tone isn't one I have since used on my Legion troopers, not preferring a bleached look, but it kinda works enough for me to leave as is.

The second Legion mini to show off is my Blighted Ogrun Trooper. I bought this just before the release of the Blighted Ogrun Warlord, who in MKI kicked all kids of ass with the Rhyas list I was running into the ground at the time. There's a slight conversion in the addition of a spare Nyss Hunter head as a trophy. I think there's just enough gore splattered to be effective. The snow is white glue and baking soda. Works like a charm.

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