Sunday, December 11, 2011

Starting Infinity

I finally caved, when my FLGS got in a selection of the starter armies for Infinity that includes the Caledonian Highlander Army. I've had my eye on this game for a while, and after the release of William Wallace as a character for the Ariadnan faction it became no longer a question of if I would buy into the game, but when.

My first playtest of the game, with 2 other novices, showed up that there's likely to be a steep learning curve to the system. Mainly for 2 reasons. First off, the rule book is badly laid out, and secondly, each model has a list of skills and options that you have to go back through the rule book to reference. Obvioulsy, the second problem will be reduced with time, especially if I stick to one faction, and the first, Ihave circumvented by the use of youtube videos describing the basics.

I've added 2 proxies to bulk up my force to almost 200 points. This guy on the right as William Wallace until I get the real mini, and Piper Bill Millin from this blister as a Caledonian Volunteer medic, which makes it more of a conversion than a proxy, at least it will once I stick the right kind of rifle onto his pack.

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