Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Colore ton Monde, July: Backup Plan

Just in case I don't get the Viking vignette completed by the end of the month, I rattled this one up in an evening. The pictures show a couple of points that I'll need to touch up before basing and varnishing, but he pretty much painted himself. Another excuse to use my new method for painting black. I think it comes out well. A dullcote after the varnish should really work to dull down the shinyness of the ink wash. I did try using the new GW medium, but maybe I'm not adding enough. More experimentation required there.

If you hadn't already noticed, this is the Russian Priest free mini I got from The Assault Group.


  1. What a cracking little miniature; great job Sir.

  2. Very neat, you have a very eclectic collection of miniatures.


    1. lol, yes, I guess eclectic is a good word for it. I suppose it comes from having more time to paint than game, but also having a short attention span for painting, always attracted to the new and shiny.