Monday, July 16, 2012


More on this guy soon.
I received a package in the post today. I was not expecting anything, as it's nowhere near Christmas, or my birthday. Parcels arriving for the kids at random from relatives abroad is not unknown, but not for me.

It had a German return address, which made me wonder even more.  When I got home and  opened it, I was more that pleasantly surprised by its contents. A book, and a little bag of minis. What a wonderful way to end the day!

A few days ago, I popped a comment onto Großbeeren 1813's post on reaching 25K hits. Looking at the archive of posts does not take long, but it is no wonder that he has had so many hits, the miniatures he sculpts are truly amazing, and even in the flooded market of Napoleonics, he makes interesting, fun and characterful sculpts. I will be sure to pick up copies of the rude highlanders minis once they are finally released (I'm on the waiting list).

As to the gifts (I cannot with any clear conscious call them prizes, as I did nothing to win them). First off was this rather nifty book. This will surely fill a hole in my small but growing Napoleonic Library, which has so far concentrated on the British side of the Alliance, and on the French, to the neglect of the other countries involved.

The second item in the parcel (as if the book was not enough of a give-away prize) was a little bag of 4 miniatures. But not just any old minis, these minis. I was pretty gobsmacked.

Go to the link above for better pictures.

As miniatures go, they are wonderfully detailed and flash free. If ever you get a chance to get your hands on these minis (or any others that these guys produce) don't hesitate. I think I may also now have the start of my Napoleonic vignette.

I had received an email asking for my address for this, but had suggested that Kawe wait till I had purchased the Highlanders, at least then I would be contributing to the postage, but no, it was not to be, and I must admit I'm grateful he didn't wait.

Do you think that's enough links back to Großbeeren 1813? Well, one last one won't hurt!


  1. I've had the pleasure of meeting Kawe (Paul) a few years ago in Montreal (at the time he was working for EA Montreal), he's a great guy.

    FYI, the sculptor is actually Paul Hicks (of Victrix fame). They are indeed superb figures.

    1. Yes, I was a little confused over the providence of the minis, Mr Hicks was mentioned, but the details on the blog are scarce. Still, my comments stand, they are beautiful minis, and the casting is flawless.

  2. Now with a proper website for the minis:
    Go check it out.

  3. My pleasure really =) And thank you Derek for your review.

    1. You're very welcome. I look forward to receiving my rude Highlanders, this time bought and paid for! ;)