Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wood Elves

Golden Gobbo from here
Inspired by the host of Oldhammer blogs I have on my Blog roll, and a sale at a LGS, I picked up a couple of GW blisters today. Both Wood Elves.the first, a pair of Wood Elf Wardancers, and the second a pair of Wood Elf scouts. My intention is to chose one (probably a Wardancer) and paint  it up for entry into the Golden Gobbos contest, although setting stats and background for him may not come too easily, as I'm rather out of touch on the actual rules for 3rd Ed Warhammer.

Back in the day, I always had a hankering for a Wood Elf army, but the way the club I was a part of played, I ended up with Empire (long boring story). That did not mean I did not collect Wood Elves, in fact I had a full unit of Wardancers painted up (although they were nominally a Sea Elf unit for a High Elf army). One of the only full units I have ever painted. It would be interesting to compare these guys when finished to the original unit I have, if I remember to dig them out on a return trip to Scotland.

Wardancers, circa 1995

What is with the hair on the guy on the right?

Scouts, Marauder minis circa 1992-3

More big hair

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