Saturday, March 30, 2013

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist conversion

In an interruption from my run of Dystopian Legions blogging, I bring you something that has been floundering in my bits box, but I brought out this week to finish off.

For my Amon theme list, I can take multiple Allegiants. Amon can have 4 monks, but I can't see myself ever running that many, but then again, I have yet to test them in MKII. I have one miniature based and undercoated, but the stock pose is uninspiring to say the least. I have therefore been looking for conversion ideas for the other two I have. So that I might differentiate between models on the field, and also, as I don't like fielding duplicate minis especially for solos.

With that, out came the bone-saw, and off came his leg!

starting point
point of no return
into position

bit of greenstuff

After that, all that remained was to place the fists in a realistic position in regards to the new leg position. I didn't like the way the left arm sits, it doesn't fit with the new leg position, as it looks like he'd be unbalanced. That seemed easy enough to fix with a little light filing and a pin wire to give it a new position. I filled in the space with some liquid greenstuff to complete the elbow.

And here's the original sculpt, for reference.

All that remains is a little more green stuff to round out the elbow, then it's into the paint queue for these guys.

For inspiration for other modifications for these figs, please refer to the following links. I may be following one of these for the 3rd and 4th monks.
Monk 1
Monk 2
Monk 3

Posted on the PP forums here.

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  1. Sweet conversion! But he can't fight my 'Morrow Style'! ;)