Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Bigun's Painting Blog II

As an update to the last Biggun's painting blog, we had another little impromptu session whilst the Lil'un was having a nap on Sunday.

First off was to base the mini she had been working on last time. We stuck some sand on it, then left it to dry. She wanted tiles at the back (after I showed her the Secret Weapon bricks I had, which she was quite taken by) and leaves and flowers at the front.

Next up was a pirate girl with a monkey. She really took her time with the hair and skin with this one, there,s a real improvement going on here. I for one am very proud of her. The predilection for pirate girls doesn't necessarily come from her, but from the minis I had in the cupboard, therefore, I guess it's my predilection!

She also named both girls and the monkey, but I didn't note down what the names were.

The only problem now is, she's exhausted my supply or random female minis, so her and I are going to have to go shopping for more (and animal minis, which is her other request).  It's a hard life!

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