Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oldie's Hobby Night

I went along to my FLGS last night, for Oldies Hobby Night. The first time I've made it along, although I have been planning to for a while. A good evening, and good to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while. I didn't manage to find an opponent for Dystopian legions, but I did get a 150 point game of Infinity in. This is only the second time my Highlanders have come out to play, and they managed a much better showing than the last time. A fun game, and an impetus to get on and paint these guys. They've moved on down in the paint queue, and nothing has been added since I first put brush to metal, and that was a while ago. There's no reason not to finish them though, as I only have 8-9 minis. Well, except for all the tartan...

Another fun game that was being played was WFB at 500 points This is a fast and simple way to play the game, although it may lack some of the straegic aspect of longer games. This does give me a use for my Bretonnian archers. All I need to do is scrape together another 2 units and a hero or two, but that should be easy enough. Especially since  saw some knights in the bits box at my FLGS. Full army, no cost, just the way I like it! It seems, from trolling the web, and not buying any books, that a 500 pt Bretonnian list entails a champion, a unit of knights, a unit of men-at-arms, and a bunch of peasant archers (with the odd character mini/musician here or there). Maybe swapping out the unit of men-at-arms for another unit of knights. Seems simple enough and attainable. 

First step, go paint my bag-o-archers. I think I'll go with a historical palette anyway, that way they can be used for other games too.

Otherwise, in the same bits box are a few woodelves, which I could put together with these guys. Afterall, 2 armies at that points range is never going to break the bank. Right?

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