Friday, March 15, 2013

One Year Ago Today

Over on his imaginatively titled blog, 'The Wargaming Site', Phil has started a little meme, by posting a little look back at his blog posts from one year ago. As my blog has now been running for over a year, I too can join in on this little retrospective journey. I have chosen today, as 1 year ago today, I posted not one, not two, but four separate posts. What a binge!

The first was a sneak peak, posted in the morning, as I was in a great rush to post some pics of the minis I had painted the evening before (ah youth!)

Then there was a WIP of my Napoleon vignette. This one has at least been pushed a bit further forward since last year, but is by no means finished. This may indeed be the kick in the pants I need to complete him. Napoleon is all but done (a little finishing on the face), and Roustrum Raza needs quite a bit of work, then on with the base and tidying things up. I could really complete this in an evening if I was motivated.

Later in the day, I posted my painting scheme for the 95th Rifles, partly as a memory aid for myself, partly as information to others. Quite luckily too, as I have never gone back to finish these guys, they are in exactly the same state as they were after this post (with one mini half finished, still stuck to a cork). Coincidentally, this post has also been my top read post. The title may be the reason, as I'm sure it gets much traffic from google searches for that exact phrase. Although I never know of anyone has followed it, as no bugger has ever commented on it in that regard (well, except one Irish Bugger).

Lastly, I posted the actual minis, of the 95th Rifles, along with a little retrospective of why I am invested in the unit, which goes along the same lines as every other gamer's attachment to these guys I'm sure.

So there we have it, another little retrospective look at past blog posts. I'm sure some of which will be new to my more recent followers. Enjoy!

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