Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: HMG

Not the cleanest paint jobs, and there will be some touching up to do on the faces in particular, but here are some shots of my Kingdom of Britannia HMG team, as they will be entered for this month's Colore ton Monde (it has wheels, so it fits).
They are painted with yellow/buff facings so that they may be added as a support option for my yet to be bought 3rd Rifle Section, the Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers/South Essex, although, this may require the green-stuffing of three feathers, and or an eagle on the pith helmets, just to really make them stand out. It was a choice between this, or to paint them as actual artillery copsmen in blue. I decided to go with more red-coats for now, as I still want red to be the main colour of the force, at least to begin with.

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