Friday, January 3, 2014

Colore ton Monde: January

The results of the last Colore to Monde of 2013 are out, and the submitted figures can be seen here.

As usual, a great selection of minis and games in show. It seems there are more enrtnts too, which is fun.

The challenge for the month of January is below:

Bonne année !

L'année commence à peine, pleine d'espoir et probablement quelques résolutions en poche. Pour représenter la carte blanche qu'une nouvelle année peut vous offrir, nous en faisons aussi le thème de ce mois. Pour janvier, vous pouvez peindre ce que vous voulez. Tout ce qui importe, c'est de sortir vos pinceaux et mettre de la couleur sur de petits bonhommes.

Happy New Year!

The year starts at last, full of hope and probably with a few resolutions in hand. To represent the carte blanche that a New Year offers, we are making that the theme of the month. For January, you can paint anything you like. All that is important is that you get out your paint brushes and put some paint on some little men.

Well, that should be simple enough. Off to the leadpile we go!

Here's to a great 2014, may all your brushes hold their points!

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