Sunday, January 5, 2014


For the Oldies Holiday Painting Exchange, we each put a mini into the pot, and drew for which of the minis we would paint. I drew a Feralgeist. I won't post any pics of the final mini for the draw here so as not to spoil the surprise, but I would like to post the finished pictures of my own Feralgeist. I painted this first, as a means of testing what I wanted to do, and also as a test for the Testors fluorescent enamels that I wanted to try an use. This was the first time out using enamels since way back in the day when I used humbrol paints to paint up my Airfix aircraft back when I was a kid. Man that was a ling time ago.

Anyway, he seemed to work out alright:

I have since gave him a coat of 'ardcoat, and don't plan to use any dullcoat, as I want him to be a bit shiny. I think it works with the fluorescent paint, and the spectral look.

I'm going to hold off posting the second one until I have handed it back to it's rightful owner. Don't want to be giving away the surprise! However it's not a huge leap from here to imagine what the final exchange mini looks like.


  1. This is excellent and tend to agree the shine adds something to the overall ethereal look

    1. Thank you very much Andrew, you're too kind.

  2. It certainly gives him that oozing quality, great job.

  3. Nice job Derek. Can't wait to see the other one. Reminds me that I do need to paint my mini for the exchange though...