Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dystopian Legions: Kingdom of Britannia The Knightly Order Light Dragoons

I finally received my Light Dragoons (their full name of Knightly Order Light Dragoons is a bit of a mouthful, so I'll keep referring to the shorter version here). These have been released since December, but only made their way over to Canada at the start of this month. I got round to taking them out of the box to photograph and assemble last night, so here we are with my thoughts on these minis.

There are three Dragoons in the box. Two normal troopers and a specialist. These models come in multiple parts, with the main body of the troopers armoured suit, or walker, being in resin, and all other parts being in metal. The bodies of the troopers are one piece, with two arms to attach to each. The walkers come as resin main body, two legs and a gun to be mounted on the shoulder.

Box Contents

In terms of flash, the resin parts were very clean, with no mold lines, and just a little nub on each to clean off, that removed itself with ease. The metal parts had more flash than I have come to expect from Spartan Games, but none that was hard to remove, and there are next to no mould lines to worry about,

The box also included one activation card and one unit card. I have read on the forums that some people have received two cards for this unit. In mine I only had one, suggesting the others were a mispack.

I had two problems with this box. One was that I was missing one of the guns for the normal troopers, and the second was that one of the arms was miscast, leaving a break in the lever it was holding. I suppose I could remodel this with some wire easily enough, but since there was another part missing, i have sent off to Spartan for the parts. My previous experience with this has been positive, so I expect the bits to arrive shortly.

I was disappointed not to be able to build the unit as I had planned, so I went ahead and bought another box, and there were no mispacks in that one, so the assembly I talk about here is of the second box (although of course I can build two of the tree minis from the first box too). Having two boxes also means I can swap out one of the normal troopers for the specialist if i really need to save those two points. Furthermore, I can run two sections of these in a game, if I so desire. I doubt I will do this, as I have become rather attached to the Hussars that they would replace


There is a bit of trial and error when building these models to see which set of legs goes with which trooper, as there is only one right way. A little more explanation as to which legs go with which body would be very helpful. The most fiddly part of the assembly is attaching the lower arms. Due to the nature of the minis, it's extremely hard to dry-fit the arms with the body in the exoskeleton. I have heard that some people have pinned these which a job of work as the arms, like most of Spartan's 32mm minis, are very thin. I tried to pin one, then gave up and used greenstuff to weld the join the elbow. This seems to be holding, but even then requires patience.

All in all, I am happy with these guys. The flash is easily removed, leaving not patching required, and the mold lines are minimal. The assembly required is not negligible, and requires patience. I won't count the mispack/miscast against them, as Spartan seem to be quick to rectify these matters.

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