Friday, January 31, 2014

2013 Painting Elf Exchange

The Painting Elf Exchange 2013 held at my FLGS was completed last week, and we all got together to give back our models. All the pics are up on facebook here.There are some really nice minis and paint jobs there, I especially like the Prussian Luftlancer for DL, they are really nice minis, and the paint job on that one is really well executed.

I'm especially happy with the mini I received, and quite satisfied with the one I painted, even though it doesn't look finished with the base being as nude as it is. Here are the pics Tonio took on the night. Much better than my camera phone shots!

Painted by me for Tonio
I'm quite happy with the way the colours came out on this. The enamel paints really help with the ethereal look of the model. I would use them again, but it'd have to be for the right project, not just for any model.
Painted by G for me

The colours chosen for my Madelyn Corbeau by G, (who's blog can be found here) match exactly with my Llaelese Mercenary army, and I was especially happy with the extra cool base he put the mini on, that was not something I supplied (I really should have re-based the Feralgeist, now I really seem cheap!). What is extra cool is the freehand on the back of the mini. I am very jealous of his painting there, as the Llaelese army really shouts out for a little heraldry, and I have tried and failed to do something similar.

With that paint job, she really will be finding her way into my army after all.

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