Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Forgotten and Glorious Mini

I had a little surprise in the post this evening. A free mini from the Forgotten and Glorious Company of Art miniatures, a French company that I have been keeping one eye on. They do beautiful miniatures, but just not in any time periods where I have a direct interest, however, when I heard back in December they were doing a give-away of a free mini, where all you had to do was say which of their lines you would like to have a sample of, well, how could I refuse.

Painted mini from here.
I chose to have a sample from their 1916 French Army range, which were the first minis of theirs I saw that caught my attention, and also, If I were ever to get a French Army for Dystopian Legions, would stand me in good stead. I was very pleased to see that the mini I received today was the bugler from this range.

The mini is in 28mm heroic scale, and comes in three parts. The body, the head, and the gun with attached hand. This makes conversions very easy, as I can give the fig whatever head or weapon I want (in fact, there are three troop types that can be made from this basic body with the heads supplied by the company, normal troops, Chasseurs or Tirailleurs).

The sculpt is very clean, with no flash at all, and very little in the way of mould lines to deal with. The sculpt itself is very clean, with nice crisp lines that make the details pop out, and should be a pleasure to paint. If I were to put a unit of these together, I'm sure they'd be a joy to work with.

The mini as it arrived, no flash to be removed

Close up of the detail on the face.

Front Rank, Reaper, F&G, Spartan Games, Privateer Press

Here is the mini pictured with other brands for scale comparison. As you can see, it fits nicely into the 28mm Heroic scale category, and wouldn't be too out of pace with the 32mm Spartan minis.

So, with just one mini,  and a bunch of pics from their site to go on, if you're in the market for either 1916 French, 1806 Prussians or ACW minis in 28mm, I would urge you to go check these guys out. They are very nice minis. One thing to watch when you make an order though, is that you have to order the heads separately, as they are not included in the bodies you chose. I don't think of this as much of a bug, but more of a feature!


  1. Thank you very much for your article Derek ;)



    1. You're very welcome, The minis are very pretty, and deserve the air-time!