Thursday, March 6, 2014

Colore Ton Monde: Mars 2014

After putting things to a vote to chose the minis for February's challenge, I only managed to put a base coat on them, as I lost two weeks of an already short month due to a trip to the  UK for family reasons.

Still they don't look so bad as they are. I do plan to finish them off soon, as I am experimenting with the painting of stockings on Amy, and it mostly looks okay.

The other results of  February's challenge, and March's challenge have been posted here.

Au bal, au bal masqué, ohé, ohé

Le printemps se jouant de nous, demeurant caché derrière tout ces flocons et ce froid et ne se pointant pas le bout du nez, nous vous invitons à peindre une figurine masquée ou ayant le visage caché. Pour élargir vos possibilités, vous pouvez y aller vers le thème de la furtivité en général, au lieu de simplement cibler le visage, en peignant un éclaireur ou un infiltrateur.

The Masked Ball

Spring is playing with us, remaining hidden behind these snowflakes and cold and are not pointing the nose, we invite you to paint a figurine hidden or with the hidden face. To expand your possibilities, you can go to the theme of stealth in general, instead of just targeting the face, painting a scout or an infiltrator.
So masked figures it is. Not something there's a shortage of, if you count gas masks or helmets. I have a few Viridian special forces minis  lined up in the paint queue. They're very cool minis, and I already have a colour scheme to use in them.


  1. I do like these two and may be tempted to pick some up for myself. Great start, looking forward to the finishing touches.

    1. They are very nice minis' I have a bunch from the Heresy Doctor Who line, and I love all of them. They even have the little metal dog!