Monday, March 10, 2014

Urban War: Viridian Sniper

Inspiration has been running hot already this month, and I'm half way through the unit of Viridian Special Forces I decided to paint, which will also count for my Colore Ton Monde challenge for this month. Whilst I have the palette for these guys, based on my original Marines force, I have been painting up another couple of minis for the force, a commander mini and a veteran sniper. I'll post the Commander when she's done, and the Special Forces when I have completed the unit, but the sniper is ready to be displayed.

This was my first attempt at any kind of camouflage, and I'm not sure it entirely works, as the colours I chose, whilst fitting well with the rest of the force, are possibly a bit too muted to be visible on the tabletop. Perfect camouflage then I suppose!

I have always loved the sniper minis from the Viridian faction, and this one more than most. I'm rather pleased with the way she turned out. And of course, bieng a near future mini, she will work well if I4 ever want to play Infinity.
I am awaiting a new order of bases before I can base this girl, as the set I used for the rest of my Viridians has been discontinued. I have ordered a couple of sets from Sectret Weapon to see if they match up.

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