Thursday, March 27, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy: Wood Elf Archers

The last of my painted minis from way back for the moment, and the last of the Wood Elves. This time, from the first boxed set of plastic minis from GW (maybe some of the first plastic minis? I'm sure someone will correct me there). Three of these have since been painted (see here for details), and I have started to add some inks to the others, to get some definition.

The elf on the far right of the front rank was one of my first conversions. From archer to standard bearer.

The flag is of course, freehand, and the pole is a spare plastic lance from a set of early Wood Elf cavalry, which are languishing unpainted in a box, but will be seeing the front of the paint queue shortly, as they are proper Oldhammer Ols Skool minis, pre 3rd ed. The pole has been fixed and pinned to the bearer now (something that was not in my tool kit of skills back in the day).

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