Monday, March 24, 2014

Oldhammer Minis

Some painted minis from way back when, that took the trip back to Canada with me. This time, we've got some old-school Games Workshop minis a couple from my Empire army, and one from the High Elves. Again, don't look too closely at the bases, that was not a strong point of mine.

Imperial Pistoleer. I am a fan of this mini, and in my memory, I was quite proud of the paint job. After seeing it now, I think this one will be a candidate for stripping and repainting.

A Sea Elf for my High Elf army. One of the Ship's Company unit I had. Looking at the shield, this was back in the time where I was experimenting with freehand. This is one of the lesser efforts, there are better examples on my Wardancers, which I will post shortly. More paint chipping here, but I think this one will be given a patch job rather than stripping it.

A human wizard. Not necessarily for my Empire army, as the heart in the hand suggests darker magics. This one was not completed, but was an initial test with inks (or diluted paint). his one will be easy to finish off. I especially like his robes, and am looking forward to adding some gore to that heart.

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