Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Wood Elf Beast Handler

Some more good old fashioned Warhammer Fantasy Battle minis, this time some wood Elves. I bought two blisters for animal handlers, one of the boar-handler and his boar, and another of the dog handler and his dogs. There were two others in the set, one with a bear, and I think another with three large cats. The only one to have been painted was the boar handler. I am still very proud of the way the boars came out, and of the tattoos on the elf. There are some touch ups needed to make up for the 20 odd years of neglect and handling, but that shouldn't take too much effort. The only think I want to change is the bases for the boar, as they're just too big. These guys wouldn't look too out of place on some simple 25mm bases, as these cavalry bases just swamp them.

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