Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cowboys and Gunslingers, for Free!

Reaper miniatures are giving away free copies of their rules "Cowboys and Gunslingers" as a pdf over on their website. I have downloaded a copy for myself, and have given it a glance through so this is not a comprehensive review, just some thoughts.

The downside is that these are not so mch complete rules, but are an add on for the Warlord 2 rules, which until now, I was unfamiliar with.

The rules (or should I say supplement) are not long running to only 11 pages, of which only 6 seem to be actual rules, 1 page for scenarios, and the rest being stats and cards to be cut out for play. The rules seem to be designed to go with the new Box 'o Cowpokes that Reaper have released recently. As such, these are for small, cinematic skirmishes. As to the boxed set itself, if I hadn't already bought many of the minis individually, I would be sorely tempted.

Hey, if nothing else, it gives me a reason to link back to this gal!


  1. I'll pop over now to have a look, thanks!!!

  2. Sounds too good to miss, heading over there now!

  3. If either of you manage to give it a run through, let me know how it goes.