Monday, June 4, 2012

Khador Manhunter

I bought into Warmachine a long time ago. I was at Claymore from the Black Lion stall after playing a demo game (in which I had my ass handed to me by a 8 year old, much to the delight of my brother), it was certainly pre 2005, but apart from that, I couldn't swear to the date. I mention this, not to be all hipster about it, by saying I was in before it was trendy, but to put a date on this miniature. I bought the Khador Box set, Eiryss and a manhunter (at the suggestion of the retailer, and by picking the miniatures I thought looked good, an ethos which I adhere to with most games I buy into).

This gave me enough to field for about 350 points, a good starting value in MKI. Of those miniatures, I think I painted up the 'jacks in a reasonable time (within the first couple of years is reasonable for me). The manhunter was base coated in various browns, but never completed. He stayed that way for years, despite being a regular feature in my army lists.

Maybe about a year ago, I finally got round to painting him fully. I was looking through my gaming bag for my long-gunners to paint for this month's challenge when I found him in the same tray. I realised I had never photographed him for this blog, or for any other reason, so here he is. He is also the first addition to the Khador page in my gallery (which I have been slowly updating, go check it out) which was looking decidedly bare for what is supposedly my main faction.

For once, the close up of the face actually looks better than I thought

Ubiquitous Army Painter grass tuft, added this evening

I have another 2 manhunters to paint up. Maybe in another 10 years they'll be all done!


  1. Hey Derek, impressive painted figure!

    PS: fixed it on my blog, your adress is up ;-)


    1. Thanks and thanks!

      More Khador coming very soon!