Friday, June 1, 2012

Colore ton Monde Juin: Montrez votre fierté!

The entries from May from all of the participants are now up on Club Chaos's Blog. There are some beautifully painted minis there, go check them out. 

For June, the theme is as follows:

Montrez votre fierté!
Nous vous invitons à célébrer la Fête Nationale en peignant un modèle avec du bleu ou en peignant un modèle avec un étendard.

Show your pride!
We invite you to celebrate (Quebec's) National Holiday by painting a model with blue or painting a model with a standard.

Flag Option 1: The Carillon Sacré-Coeur

For those that don't know, Quebec's National Holiday, or Saint-Jean-Baptiste day is the 24th of June, hence this month's challenge.  Hmmm, I have a Cygnarian Long Gunner standard bearer that I have converted to a Llaelese Long Gunner standard bearer, maybe he'll do, though there will have to be some fixing done to the model first, as the standard I added was far too heavy for the glue I used. Out with the pin-vice and copper wire. Or, I could make my own new flag, which makes this post over on Monty's Caravan rather timely.

Flag Option 2: Llael Flag from here.

A Quebec themed flag even fits with the heraldry of Llael (they both feature the Fleur de Lys). This may work out very well indeed. At least I have a plan to do only 1 miniature, rather than trying to paint all the minis that have been in my cupboard for a long time.

There is also this miniature that has just been announced.
Perfect timing I think.

The other option is to wait till I can get my grubby little fingers onto this rather fetching model. I fear, however, the release will be too late for this month's challenge, as she was just announced today. She does cry out to be placed in a diorama with eIrusk. Epic flag-off!  

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