Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Assault Group Miniature

After seeing a post on Tim's miniature wargames blog, telling of his receiving a free miniature from The Assault Group, I wandered on over to their site to find more details. It seemed the offer was still on-going, so I sent off my email and posted on their wall. I'm pimping them out here too, the more people who can make use of this offer, the better for all (they're giving a 10% discount code for their online store with the mini). Not a company I have had much to do with previously. They have been on my radar, but they don't seem to deal with any of the eras I'm immediately interested in, although their minis look nice. Maybe the Covenanters will be useful.

Do you think that's enough links to The Assault Group now?


  1. Hi Derek,

    why do u not contact me directly at jaemichael at comcast dot net.