Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love the Devastators. Their chassis to me defines Khador jacks more than the juggernaut chassis. They  encapsulate the brute strength and force of will that allows Khador to do what it does best, get in your face and break you.

The problem I had with only having 1, was which way to model him? Open or closed? Each had it's pros and cons. Open, it was unleashing iron death on the foes of the Motherland, closed it was a depiction of almost immpenetrable ARM 25. Then I saw another route. With this conversion in mind (of course the other minis in that thread are also stunning, for the Devvy alone, go here), and a sale at a local gaming store allowing me to buy another Devvy, the path was clear for these two models to get painted. Yes, I will have to buy a third to be shown closed, but with the supposed arrival of the plastic kit for this chassis, that should be easier.

Although that would mean I'd have buy another kit to make a Spriggan, of which I have heard many good things but have never tried, or the new Demolisher. You see, it never ends, it never ends...

Looking again at Olekkkkk's conversion, what really makes it work better than mine is that the back arm is placed pointing backwards, giving much more of an impression of movement. Ok, I'll get it right next time.

Just to round things off, here's a pic of the new Demolisher model, as shown off at this year's Lock and Load. That'll be 3 plastic kits I need to buy when they are released then! Source. Click to embiggen.

Edit: Olek's Blog can be found here. I thought it works linking, as I am in awe of this person's painting. It all looks so simple...


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    1. Thanks for that, although it's not so much a conversion as it is a bending of his legs. The biggest issue was balancing this much metal on an angle on the base.

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    1. Thanks for that. The larger surface area on these guys let me try out some blending. It worked quite well.