Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jacobite June

There seems to be a wealth of articles on Jacobites this month. The main source is this month's Wargames Illustrated, which is featuring articles on the '45. I have yet to get my hands on a copy, but you can find a review on Big Lee's blog here.You can find a listing of the articles that appear in this month's editon here. There are also a few articles in their web only content.

Furthermore I also came across the Miniature Wargames July 2011 edition, which is available online here as a free trial. This has articles on the 1715 Battle of Sheriffmuir. There may not be many editions of the magazine available for free, but those that are are still a valuable resource. Maybe even even enough for me to track down this mag, though finding it here in North America may not be so easy.

Going back to WI, there are, as usual, some web articles available for free. These are mostly articles on the same subject from previous editions. A great resource for sure. In chronological order, the articles are:

Killiekrankie 1689. An old article from Wargames World 3 (from back in the 80's) talking of Bonnie Dundee's Rebellion. More of a Scottish civil war than a Jacobite uprising against a British Sovereign, but the same sides were involved as in the later rebellions.

The Battle of Glen Shiel, 10 June 1719. An article from WI262. Interesting to note the inclusion of Spanish troops in the Jacobite force. There was much talk of alliances with the French and other catholic powers in the Jacobite wars, but for many reasons, the support rarely manifested itself as troops on the field. The Government side in this battle also included Dutch allies. A rather international affair. Miniatures for the article supplied by Reiver Castings. Also interesting to note that The only Robertson mentioned in this article is a commander of the two regiments of Hanoverian dragoons. Usually the Robertsons you hear of were Jacobites. Further investigations required there.

Three Battles of the '45 Rebellion. A link to an article from. the three battles are: Prestonpans, 2I Sept 1745; Falkirk, 17 Jan 1746; and of course Culloden, 16 Apr 1746.

Painting Stuart Tartan. I have seen a few tutorials on painting tartan, this seems. Painting the jacket seems to give a larger surface than the usual kilt, so may be worth a shot when I do mine. Interesting to notice the black isn't black, but 50:50 with the deep red base-coat.

I may have to make use of Warlord Games Diamond Jubilee special to get me some miniatures for these engagements, or at least a rulebook for Last Arguement of Kings.

Whilst I'm linking to free online magazines, there's also Portal 22 available online. Not the same historical subject matter, but a fun read none-the-less, with some nice painting tutorials.


  1. One of my favourite periods, the '45. A great article in this moths WI, gotta agree!

    1. I've been reading a few books on the era recently. Not so many on the military history, but the concurrent Scottish enlightenment, so my interest has been piqued.