Friday, November 2, 2012

A Winner Is Me!

One of the great things I have discovered about the miniature gaming blogosphere is the generosity and willingness to help of the members of the community. One of the ways this generosity shows itself is the numerous giveaways (not competitions as such) that are held by so many bloggers. It may take the form of giving away minis and books, to offering to paint minis for others. I'm not ashamed to admit, I love getting stuff for free (I'm Scottish, we have a stereotype to maintain). So when Fog's Soldiers put on a give away for reaching 25000 page views ( a mighty achievement in my mind) I was right there at the front of the queue. 

I was rather surprised to find out that I had actually won. I was downright shocked to read that I had beaten blog-tart supreme Ray  to second place. That guy wins everything!

So, what did I win? I put myself in the draw for the third prize:
The third prize is...painting some miniatures for your collection at our wargame standard.
This is the method:
you have 12 points; a 15mm infantryman = 1point, a 15mm cavalryman = 2 points, a 25/28mm infantryman = 2 points, a 25/28mm cavalryman = 4 points.
As I'm not a 15mm gamer (just sold my only 15mm minis this side of the Atlantic this week), that means I'm up for a great paint job on either 6 troopers or 3 cavalry. A bargain by anyone's standard.
Looking through Fog's Painting Guide, to see where his specialities lie, I see he's about as eclectic in his painting as I am (the gallery on his site has even more). I had initially thought to send some of my Napoleonics to be painted, as the last batch of posts he has made have been historical miniatures, but I see he also paints quite a few Flintloque minis. I would be tempted by this, if not for the fact all my Flintloque stuff is back in the UK. I was hoping by looking at the back catalogue, I would have an idea as to where to start, it seems I'm no further forward! Back to mining the lead mountain... 
For more information on Fog's painting service, visit his website.


  1. Derek really thank you for your post, very kind words :-)

    Yes I' m eclectic ;-) so send what you prefer :-)


    1. You're welcome, all kindness is merited! ;) I'll pick some minis tonight.

  2. Blog tart!!!! Cheeky Sod! I've only won 2 things.....I promise!

    1. Sorry Ray, cheap shot, however, each time you rpley, you've won more comps...

      I'm just sayin'!