Thursday, November 8, 2012

Colore Ton Monde: November/Movember

October was a fail.

Not a complete fail, in fact, I almost completed the minis I planned to, but with no painting/modelling in the last two weeks, I had no pics to post to Club Chaos. Hence, even with 2 months to work on the project and the hard part done, I count it as a fail. Which is a real shame, as I was really looking forward to completing that project on time. Those who did complete the challenge, did so with style!

Not to worry, onwards and upwards.

November's Challenge is as follows:


Tout comme Tom Selleck qui l'arbore fièrement, novembre est le mois pour orner nos visages de ce signe de virilité extrême qu'est la moustache.

Pour le mois de novembre, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle masculin. Un morceau de robot en prime pour ceux qui peindront un modèle moustachu.

Des that really need a translation? The title is Movember, and the text contains the name Tom Selleck. The gist of it is, paint a male/masculine figure, with bonus points for those that port a moustache. Alright. Lets see what we have in the cupboard that fits the bill!

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