Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kingdom of Britannia Riflemen

 After my last post, I decided to give an update on the rest of the troops, and where I plan to go with them.I hope to have the rest of this rifle section for my Kingdom of Britannia starter set all painted by the end of the week.

South Wales Borderers
I've gone with a classical redcoat scheme for this unit. I have chosen a green for the facings, as a nod towards the 24th Warwickshire 'South Wales Borderers'. They await good Lieutenant Bromhead to lead them. I guess that'll do as a name for the Lieutenant who came in the box set.

60th King's Rifle Corp
For the second unit (bought, but not yet based or primed) I was planning to go with the Kings 60th Rifle regiment, and if I ever get a third, it will have to be painted as the South Essex (because you need a link to tell you who they are!). This should be easy enought to do, with just yellow/buff facings, although I may have to sculpt an eagle, or Prince of Wales feathers on the helmet, since by now they'll be known as the Prince of Wales's Own Volunteers. 

The only thing holding me back here is the rumour there will be a unit, or an attachment based on the (ubiquitous) 95th Rifles that will be released for the game. If it's an attachment, then I can easily go ahead and paint up the South Essex to attach them to, but if it's a unit, then I'll have second thoughts about painting up the 60th.

Paint Scheme will be added under the cut, mostly for my future reference.

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